We provide custom packaging for a wide spectrum of products, making custom packaging for retail items and more!

You want your products to stand out, whether it’s on the shelf of a retail store or in an e-commerce product image. High-quality packaging for retail products is absolutely imperative to protecting them in transit and in catching the eye of new and existing consumers. At the very least, you’ll need custom packaging to set you apart from your competitors. In some cases, creating a high degree of visual interest in your product packaging will help, though clearly not all products are intended to be displayed in brightly colored custom packaging. In other cases, you’ll want to highlight your brand, including your logo, colors, and graphic design. But, no matter which look you feel suits your brand best, you can count on Plastic Ingenuity to create high-quality packaging for all of your retail products.

Our packaging for retail is suitable for any product, no matter how delicate.

Plastic Ingenuity recognizes the importance of packaging for retail when it comes to protecting your products. We design custom packaging that can withstand the hazards of shipping and the wear-and-tear of over-exuberant customers in stores. This makes us the go-to plastic packaging company when it comes to delicate products from medical equipment to mobile devices.

We create custom packaging to highlight your brand and your products.

Your satisfaction is our number one concern. We will consult with you regarding any specific design concerns you have, including cardboard graphics inserts, product visibility, and ease of opening. We can generally create a prototype of your custom packaging in about a week and begin our on-premises production upon your approval. As a result, your company will enjoy high-quality packaging for retail that will promote your brand and catch your consumers’ eyes.

To learn more about our process, or to order custom packaging for your retail products, contact us online or call 608-798-3071 today!