Like electronics, cosmetics are small, uniquely shaped, and typically high-value items. They present the challenge of being products that are created and marketed solely for their aesthetics, so the package must be as beautiful and enticing as the product inside.

Whether crafting a rigid, secure clamshell package for a single high-end product or a low-security package for holding a gift set, plastic manufacturers continually face the challenge of crafting innovative, cost-effective custom product packaging.

Low-Security Solutions

Not all cosmetics require high-security solutions—it wouldn’t necessarily be cost-effective or appropriate. Still, product manufacturers don’t want smaller items, like eyeliner pencils, to be easy for a person to pocket, either. This is when packaging solutions like blister packaging come in handy. This is a relatively inexpensive method of packaging that typically consists of heat sealing a plastic half-shell to a backing card, making the product easy to open.

Tougher Product Packaging Types

In the cosmetics industry, you almost always want the customer to see the product itself. This shelf appeal is crucial to making your product stand out. This doesn’t have to come at the expense of security, though, because cosmetics can also be high-value items that are targeted by shoplifters. With a thermoformed clamshell package, you securely seal the product in transparent plastic without necessarily giving it an easy access point. Clamshells can be designed by the plastic manufacturer with varying degrees of easy access, ranging from simple pull-tabs to completely sealed thermoform packaging.

When a clamshell is sealed this way, the two halves of the package are joined together at an airtight seal, keep the product safe and preventing people from opening the package in the store without the use of a tool. While this isn’t initially as cost-effective as other product packaging types, it is an effective theft deterrent that ultimately protects your investment.

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