Our packaging for retail will provide your products with maximum protection and visibility.

Retail packaging poses distinct challenges. In addition to creating packaging that will protect your products during the shipping and stocking process, packaging for retail must provide a number of display options for store owners, and highlight your product’s unique attributes to catch shoppers’ eyes. With vacuum-forming and thermoforming, our polyethylene plastic can be custom-fit around irregularly shaped products to provide visibility and protection.

Unique Packaging for Retail Products

We offer customized packaging to all of our clients to better display their products and attending graphics. We offer clamshell and trifold packaging for retail to maximize product protection and visibility. Trifold packaging can rest on shelves without falling over, or be hung from hooks, while clamshell packaging offers a hinged design, ideal for display and ease of opening.

Industries We Serve

Plastic Ingenuity offers customizable, durable packaging solutions that are capable of showcasing and protecting a wide range of products. We offer packaging for retail for such disparate products as makeup, mobile devices, medical supplies, and food products. Our unique packaging can be seen displaying products from the following industries:

  • Food
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Retail
  • Cell Phone/Wireless Device
  • Cosmetics

Retail Packaging Solutions

Let Plastic Ingenuity display your products to maximum effect! Our engineers are always up for a challenge and are committed to your satisfaction with our packaging for retail. Contact us today at (608) 798-3071 to find out how our innovative manufacturing techniques can bring your product packaging to the next level.