We’ve produced packaging for decades, making us the preferred plastics company among a number of tech companies.

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Depending on your company’s preferences and your products’ packaging requirements, Plastic Ingenuity can produce clamshell designs in polyethylene, plastic trays that perfectly conform to and protect the lines of your electronic products, and much more. To improve the marketability of your product, we take great pains to produce attractive packaging for electronics that will help you to stand above your competitors.

Plastic Ingenuity: a plastic manufacturer with a commitment to conservation.

While other plastic manufacturers take few steps to protect the environment during production, Plastic Ingenuity has been committed to conservation since our inception. Our facilities are designed with the environment in mind—all water used by this plastic company is thoroughly cooled and purified before it is returned to nearby waterways. We offer post-consumer packaging for electronics, as well as compostable plastic made from wood pulp. Should you wish to incorporate the eco-friendly nature of our packaging into your packaging for electronics, we will emboss our packaging with your preferred symbol, or incorporate text and graphics to that effect.

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