Discover mobile phone packaging that truly displays your company’s handiwork with plastic thermoform from Plastic Ingenuity.

What’s the best way to create cell phone packaging out of plastic? Thermoform processes, of course! By building a custom mold based on the parameters of your latest cell phone design, Plastic Ingenuity uses our constantly improving plastic thermoform process to create distinctive phone packaging designs that will set your products well above the competition. Depending on your personal preferences and brand identity, we use transparent or colorful custom plastic to showcase and protect your products. As a result, products featured in Plastic Ingenuity’s customized cell phone packaging are well-protected during shipping and visually appealing in online and retail stores.

Plastic thermoforming yields high-quality, durable cell phone packaging.

Plastic thermoforming has been around since the 1950s, but Plastic Ingenuity operates under the philosophy that there is always room for improvement. We update our equipment annually, using the knowledge we’ve accumulated in our decades of experience in the plastic thermoforming industry. As a result, plastic packaging produced in our facilities is subject to constant scrutiny in terms of quality control and aesthetic appeal. We control all levels of production, from design to plastic sheet extrusion to production, so you are always guaranteed a product of the highest quality when you work with Plastic Ingenuity.

Consult with a design specialist for custom cell phone packaging.

Our design specialists can present you with a mobile phone packaging prototype within a week. To discuss a new design or to learn more about our plastic packaging facilities, call 608-798-3071 or contact us online today.