Packaging should provide a gorgeous, appealing display and maximum enclosure. Retail plastic packaging can provide both!

Packaging for retail serves a number of purposes. It should protect the product from impact damage, but it also needs to protect against moisture, and, in some cases, oxidation and light. Moreover, packaging for retail must provide an attractive, appealing display that gives buyers an idea of the product’s appearance and functionality. This can be accomplished by displaying the product in the package, or through graphics and text on the package. Both of these methods are easily achieved through custom packaging.

Enjoy increased versatility by choosing plastic packaging when deciding upon your packaging for retail.

Not only can transparent packaging design display the product itself; it can also display graphics through a variety of techniques. A good plastic packaging company, like Plastic Ingenuity, can integrate cardboard displays, stickers, and even embossed logos into their production of packaging for retail, giving your company increased flexibility when it comes to packaging multiple products or re-launching a product.

Vary the color and texture of your plastic packaging according to the season or your marketing campaign.

Many companies change their packaging for retail depending on the season or the upcoming holiday. By offering a variety of plastic colors, and by producing plastic packaging in our own on-site facilities, Plastic Ingenuity can incorporate any changes you request quickly, without the communication delays you might experience with other plastic packaging companies. As a result, your retail packaging will come out of production in time for the next holiday. The same goes for changes to your marketing campaign; just let our design specialists know what you need and they’ll be able to design according to your vision in no time.

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