Improve the efficiency of labs and hospitals everywhere with plastic trays from Plastic Ingenuity.

In keeping with our commitment to producing high-quality plastic packaging, Plastic Ingenuity produces medical-grade plastic trays that guarantee a sterile surface and temperature tolerance. As a result, pharmaceutical and medical supply companies have come to rely on our plastic trays. In addition to producing high-quality items, we are known for our speed of production and innovative custom packaging designs. We are generally able to prototype new items within a week and begin in-house production soon thereafter.

Why should you choose our plastic packaging company?

In addition to having obtained all necessary certifications in producing medical-grade plastic trays, Plastic Ingenuity remains committed to regularly improving our facilities. This involves improving our equipment to increase our production efficiency, but it also means taking a more eco-friendly approach to producing our plastic packaging. We recycle heat produced during production to warm our facilities during the winter, and prevent external heat pollution by thoroughly cooling and cleansing water used in the manufacturing process. When you work with our packaging company, you can rest assured that your plastic trays are produced in a way that reduces human impact on the environment.

Flexibility in design ensures our plastic trays meet your specifications.

We offer customized designs, meaning that you can request specific dimensions, a specific type of plastic, a specific color, and so on. We offer medical packaging made out of PP packaging plastic and other high-quality materials. Our packaging company can emboss your company’s logo on all plastic trays to ensure brand recognition.

Learn more about our customized plastic trays for medical facilities and research. For further questions, or to request an order of plastic trays, contact us online today or call us at 608-798-3071.