For most products, there are no universal packaging designs—they are custom-tailored to the specific product at hand. This is especially true of mobile phones, because their values, intended users, and styles can change so drastically from model to model.

A mobile phone’s plastic packaging design should be carefully designed—not only to secure and display the product for its target demographic, but to ensure high visibility in the actual retail space.

Security and Aesthetics in Mobile Phone Packaging Design

Not all mobile phones are good candidates for on-shelf displays—models that cost several hundred dollars are typically kept behind glass or under the counter, while demo models sit out on display.

Mobile phones that are kept out in the open, however, need a plastic packaging design that is both visually appealing and highly secure. Though they may not have the same risk of theft as other models, the package must still be secure and tamper-evident in the store, without being too difficult to open at home. A mobile phone packaging design that incorporates easy-open, tamper-evident technology empowers the consumer, allowing them to open the package without sharp tools at home while discouraging them from doing it in the store.

The type of material used by the packaging company also has a significant influence on the package’s security and aesthetics. For example, PETG is more resistant to impacts than PET, while PET is more scratch-resistant.

Designed for Retail Displays

Plastic packaging designs for mobile phones must also be practical for displaying on retail shelves. Mobile phones are frequently displayed hanging on pegs, and the way the packaging is designed can significantly impact how useful that type of display is.

If the packaging is too bulky, for example, the retailer may not be able to fit many mobile phones on a single peg. This means that the visible stock can easily run out, necessitating frequent restocking to avoid losing customers. If the packaging is designed to be as flat as possible, on the other hand, the retailer can fit more on the peg for a more efficient display.