We’ve been producing packaging for cosmetics for decades, yielding functional, gorgeous containers through the molding of plastics.

Cosmetic packaging can be a tricky product to make, not because it necessitates a complex design, but because cosmetic packaging design is so critical to branding efforts. Whether you need clamshells for soap boxes or blister packs for eyeliner pencils, Plastic Ingenuity’s facilities dedicated to the molding of plastics are more than capable of producing packaging for cosmetics that will catch the eyes and interest of your buyers.

Why our plastic molding techniques yield superior packaging for cosmetics.

Plastic Ingenuity has produced quality packaging for cosmetics for decades, creating gorgeous packaging for a number of the leading companies in the cosmetics industry. We use the molding to create custom packaging solutions for all of our clients, a quality that is much sought after in the cosmetics industry. Our design team will consult with you regarding the shape, dimensions, color, and other details of your packaging. We will then create a prototype package for your cosmetics, then begin the molding of plastics to complete your order upon your approval. Because we control every stage of production, you’ll have your full order in a timely manner. We offer detailing, such as embossed logos and more, to make your packaging for cosmetics truly distinctive.

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