Finding the perfect packaging solution can be difficult, especially when you’re counting on product visibility. We can design stunning, functional retail packaging for a wide variety of products.

No matter how much time you spent developing your products, finding an adequate packaging solution to accommodate all of its quirks—and make for easy shelving in retail stores—can be a bit challenging. That’s why Plastic Ingenuity offers a number of different packaging options when we produce packaging for retail. In addition to using conventional methods—like thermoforming polyethylene for enhanced product visibility—we also offer a number of customization options. From fitting unique shapes and dimensions to turning your packaging for retail into a branding effort unto itself, we are wholly committed to providing you with a packaging solution that meets any and all of your needs.

Choose different plastics for different packaging solutions.

Polyethylene is popular in packaging for retail because it provides immediate product visibility, but it isn’t always enough. That’s why we offer a huge range of plastics to accommodate any product from any industry. From PET to polypropylene to biodegradable plastic derived from cellulose (wood pulp), we provide the skill set and materials you need to make your packaging as functional as it is visually interesting. From hinges to clasps to security measures, we are able to provide a number of unique functions that solve packaging dilemmas.

Packaging for retail or branding effort?

Both, of course! We strive to make our packaging for retail serve as many functions as possible, and that includes promoting your company. From embossing your company’s logo on each individual package to integrating cardboard or plastic graphics, we make every effort to increase your brand visibility to attract more customers, online and offline.

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