Protect your most delicate products—choose plastic to create unbreakable retail packaging.

No matter what sort of delicate product your company makes—potato chips, electronics, or powdered cosmetics-you’ll need to request incredibly durable plastic packaging to minimize income lost due to product damage. There are a number of packaging options available, but custom plastic packaging is the only one that can both provide an airtight seal and resist damage. As a result, packaging for retail made from plastic is the most durable option, providing a superior display and maximum protection against the elements and human error. As a point of comparison, let’s examine other packaging that may be used for delicate products:

Plastic Packaging Versus Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard is quite effective at absorbing shock and cushioning products against impact. It can be reinforced with metal or plastic to improve its strength. Unfortunately, even if it is printed with waterproofing graphics, cardboard custom packaging can still be damaged by water, which can leak in to damage your product. Moreover, thinner varieties can be easily crushed. High-quality packaging plastic resists breaks and provides an airtight seal to protect all of your products.

Plastic Packaging Versus Aluminum Packaging

Aluminum is far more durable than cardboard and is a particular favorite when it comes to products like warm, prepared food, or canned items. But, few choose aluminum packaging for retail to protect delicate objects. It doesn’t provide adequate shock absorption and can damage delicate objects. Moreover, aluminum cans and other aluminum products require more effort on the consumer’s part to open than packaging plastic does.

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