Our experienced and innovative thermoformers deliver customized, high-quality retail packaging to companies all over the U.S. To discover what makes our thermoformed plastic packaging so unique, read on!

Since we first began thermoforming unique, custom packaging for retail way back in 1972, Plastic Ingenuity has made its name as one of the most innovative packaging companies in the U.S. Since our inception, we have been relentless in our mission of revolutionizing the thermoforming process. We are unique among other thermoformers in that we are vertically integrated and cover all steps of the operation, from consultation to design to production.

Find out how our thermoformers turn out unique plastic packaging.

When you contact Plastic Ingenuity, you can be assured of a flawless communication process from your first consultation to the finished product. Our design team won’t stop working until you are 100% satisfied with their custom packaging design. From there, we’ll extrude sheets of our own high-quality plastic and put our thermoformers to work. Because we run several different facilities with specialized capabilities, including “clean rooms” for medical and pharmaceutical orders, there is no request too complicated for the professionals at our packaging company.

Let our thermoformers customize your packaging with embossing and other details.

While custom packaging designs can greatly enhance your brand identity in and of themselves, you’ll find that Plastic Ingenuity doesn’t stop there. Our thermoformers can easily add little details, like perforations and embossed logos, to make your packaging truly unique. We can also integrate your graphics, cardboard inserts, and other details to make your packaging just as distinctive as your products.