In retail, looks aren’t everything—but they matter a lot. If a product doesn't have shelf appeal, consumers won’t notice it. This is why plastic manufacturers have to be more than skilled engineers—they also have to be creative designers that understand how to market a product from the outside in. This requires a thorough understanding of the retail environment, the product, and, of course, the plastic packaging materials.

Practical Considerations

It isn’t enough to come up with an attractive packaging design. It has to function well, too, which is where part of the challenge for the engineers comes in. For example, a clamshell package used for displaying mobile phones on pegs has to display the phone, accommodate any instructions or accessories, and also fit on the display pegs. If only two or three fit on the pegs, they can’t be effectively stocked in the store.

Inside the Packaging Design

The product itself isn’t the only thing that goes in the package, either. Plastic manufacturers have to consider the graphics cards that will go inside the packaging, too. If there isn’t sufficient room for the graphics cards, they may not be able to display all of the information that the product manufacturer wants. In some cases, the plastic packaging company works directly with the graphics card designer and manufacturer in order to streamline the process and make sure that the package and the card complement each other.

Packaging for Security and Safety

Part of the packaging design’s shelf appeal is in the ease with which the package can be opened. If a package appears to be relatively easy to open, it demonstrates the product’s commitment to convenience. While a more tightly sealed package may be more secure by comparison, these are more difficult to open by design, and can potentially turn off consumers. The ease with which the package opens depends on the value of the product, the consumer to whom it is marketed, and the message that the manufacturer wants to convey with the package design.

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