Whether you’ve released a new product or are re-launching an old favorite, you’ll love our high-quality packaging plastic, and the effort we put into creating durable, eye-catching packaging for retail.

Product distribution relies on an extensive network of individuals. From the workers in your facilities to the truck drivers and stockroom workers at your retail locations, the potential for human error during transport is significant. It can lead to massive product loss, defective merchandise, damaged packaging, and worse. It’s a difficult problem, but the retail packaging designers at Plastic Ingenuity work to solve it every day. By selecting high-grade packaging plastic, they are able to mitigate most damage to products—or packaging for retail—through consistent, durable packaging designs. Even if a box of your product falls off a forklift, you can rest assured that the plastic packaging won’t retain damage and will protect your products to a great degree.

Not just durable—marketable. Enjoy eye-catching packaging for retail with PI.

Of course, as you know, plastic packaging isn’t just for protection. In a large sense, it also serves as a powerful marketing tool by catching consumers’ eyes in the store. Our retail packaging designs are streamlined, but far from boring. Our facilities allow for details like cardboard graphics integration, embossed logos, perforations, hooks, heat-sealed edges, and anti-theft properties. All of this makes your packaging for retail far more appealing in a visual and tactile sense.

Plastic Packaging for Any Industry

While we serve a wide range of companies, Plastic Ingenuity is the go-to plastic packaging manufacturer across the following industries:

  • Cosmetic
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical
  • Food
  • Electronics

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