We’re constantly improving on tried-and-true technology, like vacuum forming, to make for superior cell phone packaging.

If you’re in the technology sector, you know how important it is to be on top of market trends—or setting trends, for that matter. You start research on new cell phone models before their predecessors have been released, and work hard to differentiate each model with unique cell phone packaging. You do extensive market research on ideal release dates and other factors.

We provide speedy cell phone packaging production by vacuum forming our own plastic sheets.

Plastic Ingenuity handles every stage in the production process. From plastic sheet extrusion to design to vacuum- forming packaging specifically for your company’s cell phones, we are able to create innovative packaging in our own facilities, without outsourcing production to another company. You will consult with us directly regarding your phone packaging design, type of plastic, and product launch date. We handle production quickly and efficiently; you can expect a prototype within a week, and we begin vacuum forming your mobile phone packaging shortly after design approval.

Learn more about our vacuum-forming process!

We upgrade our facilities constantly, resulting in the most efficient, effective vacuum-forming process in the industry. This means that you can be assured that your mobile phone packaging will be flawless—no overly sharp corners, no extra particles, no inconsistency. We’ll work with you regarding theft-prevention options, graphic design, and more, guaranteeing the most innovating cell phone packaging available.