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Many health care procedures require the use of a specialized tray for storing and protecting medical devices.

Sharp edges on these trays can sometimes compromise the sterile seal of the packaging, creating additional problems for healthcare providers and taking valuable time away from patients. Plastic Ingenuity recognized this need and responded by designing the innovative SafeEdge tray, a technologically advanced way to package sterile equipment, devices, and instruments, without fear of punctures or slices compromising the integrity of the sealed-pouch container.

Rigid Trays and Packaging Problems

Rigid Trays and Packaging Problems

Many medical applications require the use of a rigid tray in order to obtain best results.

The SafeEdge tray provides superior package integrity for these applications without the risk of pinhole leaks or punctures caused by pressure over time by the pouch on the tray edge. Most rigid, thermoformed trays can potentially create these breaches in the sterile environment of the container by rubbing against the exterior pouch material. The SafeEdge tray features an exclusive smooth edge that presents no such potential during regular use, making it a natural choice for doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals that require this kind of packaging integrity.

Cost Savings from Tray and Die-Cut Lid Combinations

For most medical device manufacturers, combining the SafeEdge tray with a compatible pouch is cheaper and less time-consuming than using trays with die-cut lids.

Storage of the finished products is simplified, and shipping with these rigid trays is typically cheaper and more efficient. For many manufacturers, SafeEdge packaging represents a major step forward in cost-efficiency and better use of labor resources.


How It Works

Plastic Ingenuity’s proprietary, inward-flange system is the key to the amazing performance of the SafeEdge tray.

Plastic Ingenuity has designed and built a specialized manufacturing tool to produce these trays and to trim the edges precisely. This process leaves only a smooth outer rim that glides smoothly into the storage pouches and provides solid protection for the devices stored within. This is especially important for prescription medications; pharmaceutical package integrity is crucial in order to prevent contamination or deterioration of the contents. By using SafeEdge packaging to safeguard pharmaceutical products, manufacturers and physicians can ensure the high quality of the prescription medications is protected against these hazards.

SafeEdge packages are available for our customers in single or double sterile barrier types and can be designed to fit die-cut lids as well. The SafeEdge system is only one of Plastic Ingenuity’s technological advances, designed to help our customers manage their packaging needs more effectively and at a lower cost.