We develop custom molds for plastic packaging that will help your products—and your company—stand out against the competition.

To highlight the unique qualities of your products—and to better protect them during shipping—our design specialists craft moldings for plastics that conform to the contours of your products. As a manufacturer of plastic, we are constantly finding new ways to limit the amount of plastic used, and our efficient, elegant designs help to separate our products from those of other plastic molding companies.

Learn More About Our Plastic Molding Process

Our experienced, dedicated design staff will ask you questions about the dimensions of your product, any special protection it needs during transit, and to what extent you want the plastic packaging to reflect your brand image and identity. From there, they will design a unique pattern to use for the next step—the molding of a plastic prototype of your new, custom package. Once you approve the prototype, we can immediately begin manufacturing the plastic packaging in our own facilities. Because we don't outsource work to other plastic molding companies, you can expect a streamlined production process. In general, we can manufacture plastic package prototypes within a week, and begin molding your whole order of plastic shortly after you approve our work.

Learn About Add-Ons and Other Plastic Molding Capabilities

In addition to manufacturing plastic, we can add details to our packaging to establish your brand identity and make opening the packages easier—or more difficult to deter theft. We can heat-seal the edges of plastic packaging, add perforations, and emboss logos on each package. Our plastic molding company is committed to providing you with the most advanced, innovative packaging on the market, so don't hesitate to ask any questions you have regarding our capabilities in molding plastic.

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