Do you know what differentiates us from the other companies who make polyethylene packaging? We take extra care to modify our facilities to provide energy efficiency to the plastics molding process.

There’s no getting around it—making polyethylene packaging takes up a significant amount of energy. However, by upgrading our facilities regularly and making the environment one of our top priorities, Plastic Ingenuity is able to mold plastics with greater efficiency. In addition to cutting down on our carbon emissions and increasing our speed of production, Plastic Ingenuity was able to cut down the cost of production in a meaningful way by manufacturing packaging from polyethylene and other recyclable plastics. We pass these savings on to our clients, providing durable, high-quality plastic packaging that is both eco-friendly and affordable.

With polyethylene packaging, you can go green without wasting greenbacks.

While eco-friendly products have the reputation of being expensive, in many cases, cutting back on carbon emissions cuts down expenses on both sides of a transaction. We’ve reduced our use of electricity significantly at all of our facilities and even cycle heat generated through the molding of plastics through our facilities to keep our staff comfortable during the winter. We also examine our equipment and other aspects of production regularly, making changes here and there to reduce production errors and wasted plastic. This allows us to make polyethylene packaging quickly and efficiently, using less packaging plastic and introducing a new standard of efficiency throughout our company. Go green today!

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