Plastic Ingenuity — decades of thermoforming packaging and protecting the environment.

Working with Plastic Ingenuity leaves no room for variables when it comes to thermoforming packaging.

As a vertically integrated company, Plastic Ingenuity handles all aspects of packaging production from consultation to design to thermoforming packaging specifically suited to your products. As an industry leader, we have had decades to research and integrate the best technology and recruit the most talented design specialists in the plastic packaging field.

Finally, an eco-friendly plastic!

In addition to honing our craft, we have used this time to create the greenest facilities available, and we have been thermoforming packaging made from biodegradable plastic for some time now. We feel that plastic packaging companies share an obligation in making the thermoforming packaging process as green as possible and have fulfilled that obligation in our facilities and our packaging materials.

More efforts to go green with thermoforming packaging.

We utilize recycled water to cool the molds used in our plastic thermoforming packaging facilities. Previously, the water was pumped to our thermoformers, through the mold, and then down the drain. In an effort to reduce our water consumption, we installed a closed loop cooling tower. Now we use no water from the city for our thermoforming process water. All of the water used to cool the molds in our thermoformers is captured in a close looped chilling tower and recycled in-house. By doing so, Plastic Ingenuity both preserves a precious natural resource and protects the local wildlife from any pollution. We also reuse the heat generated while thermoforming packaging to warm our facilities during those cold Wisconsin winters.

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