Thermoforming polyethylene allows Plastic Ingenuity to create unique, air-tight designs in all of our product packaging.

Plastic packaging companies have been thermoforming polyethylene for decades, but at Plastic Ingenuity, we believe there is always room for improvement. After all, we’ve been thermoforming polyethylene for decades ourselves, but we are constantly looking for ways to enhance the production efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of our facilities. At our vertically integrated packaging company, we take employee and client feedback very seriously and upgrade our facilities to reflect that. The result? The most efficient and eco-friendly thermoforming polyethylene facilities in the industry. Here are just a few of the improvements we’ve made recently, with a focus on our environmental efforts.

Eco-Friendly Warming of Thermoforming Polyethylene Facilities

Creating plastic packaging by thermoforming polyethylene generates a lot of heat—it is thermoforming, after all. Standard facilities might just let that heat go to waste, or divert it to local waterways. But Plastic Ingenuity is anything but “standard.” We decided to put that heat to use by warming our facilities during the cold Wisconsin winters. Not only did that cut down on our electric bill; it also helped us to reduce our carbon footprint, an ongoing mission at Plastic Ingenuity.

Cooling Water Used While Thermoforming Polyethylene

While we couldn’t put hot water to the same use, we weren’t about to dump it into the closest stream, either.  We allow purified water to cool completely before returning it to nature, where it belongs. All water is purified, meaning it won’t harm the local wildlife

To learn more about Plastic Ingenuity’s continual improvements to our thermoforming polyethylene facilities, call us at 608-798-3071.