Use our advanced thermoforming polypropylene techniques to raise consumer awareness.

When you think about all the companies that use plastic packaging—that is to say, practically every company out there—you can likely recall a specific packaging design that you, subconsciously or not, associate with their brand. You can even distinguish different pills based on the size, shape, and qualities of their blister pack packaging. And whether your plastic packaging is made by thermoforming polypropylene or not, you should be aware of the unique ways in which this plastic can help you to promote your company identity.


Plastic Ingenuity extrudes our own plastic sheet, and we are able to color much of our plastic in accordance with your brand. While transparent plastic has become incredibly popular in showcasing visible retail products, we believe that thermoforming polypropylene in your company’s signature color profile will raise brand awareness, even if your color is basic white.


When thermoforming polypropylene, we are able to emboss your logo, brand name, product patent numbers, and other graphics to further remind your consumers of your name.


Part of thermoforming polypropylene involves coming up with a custom packaging design for your products. Plastic Ingenuity’s packaging specialists will discuss this with you at length and produce full-scale prototypes to ensure the packaging meets your specifications and promotes your brand identity.

Are you considering thermoforming polypropylene for your company’s next packaging design? A packaging specialist at Plastic Ingenuity will help you to develop packaging options that protect your product and raise brand awareness.

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