We thermoform polyethylene and other high-grade plastics to make superior packaging for a number of industries. No matter where you work or what you produce, our team is ready to give you the plastic packaging you need to set yourself apart from the competition.

Thermoformed polyethylene is often the preferred packaging plastic for a number of industries. In addition to being incredibly strong, polyethylene retains its shape and thickness after thermoforming, making it an incredibly reliable material to work with from the production end. We would know—our staff takes care of every level of production, after all! From design to plastic thermoforming to ongoing communication with our clients, you can count on Plastic Ingenuity to manufacture plastic packaging that meets the highest standard, no matter what industry you work in or what products you produce. Here are just some of the ways we customize our plastic packaging to meet your needs.

Transparent Packaging Made from Thermoformed Polyethylene Gives Your Customers a Clear View

We provide your customers with a window of visibility by thermoforming polyethylene in different thicknesses and colors. By far the most popular is transparent packaging that allows customers to examine your product in stores.

Emboss Your Logos with Plastic Thermoforming

We can provide a number of details to enhance your brand image, including embossing your logo. If you want your package design to reflect your brand identity through shape or color, our plastic thermoforming team is more than able to accommodate your preferences.

Clean Rooms for Medical and Pharmaceutical Packaging

We manufacture all medical and pharmaceutical packaging in clean rooms that meet the highest of standards. We can even thermoform plastic into blister packs for smaller pharmaceuticals and batteries.

Other Requests? Call us to Learn More!

We are happy to serve a broad range of industries and are always looking for new ways to expand our abilities and our clientele. To learn more about our company history and facilities, or to speak to a representative, visit us online or call 608-798-3071.