We thermoform packaging specifically designed for your company and your products.

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Distinguishing your company from its competitors isn’t always easy. In addition to targeting advertisements and other marketing strategies at roughly the same demographic of consumers, you also need to package your product in a distinctive manner when it is ready to hit retail stores. Packaging for retail can even impact online shopping, because online vendors often need to take professional-grade photographs of product packaging. To maximize visibility, and to set your product apart from similar products on the same shelf, you should look for plastic thermoform packaging.

Why Plastic Thermoform Packaging?

In addition to conforming to the lines of your product, thermoform packaging encases it in a transparent, durable shell that will protect it from factory to consumer. Think about ityou can’t tear polyethylene, or other hard, transparent plastics without considerable effort. Unless it is directly puncturedand even that takes quite a bit of workplastic thermoform packaging retains its shape and forms an airtight seal around products. This protects them during shipping, and from aggressive consumers and retail employees. Here are just some of the benefits of plastic thermoform packaging:

  • It’s customizablePlastic Ingenuity will design packaging specifically for your product.
  • It’s transparent (or not!)Plastic Ingenuity offers plastic in a variety of colors and thicknesses, meaning your consumers will see as much or as little of your product as you want.
  • It’s affordablewe control all aspects of production, meaning you will never pay for a different company to thermoform packaging for your product.
  • It’s efficientwe usually finish prototypes within a week and begin production soon thereafter. If you choose stock items, like clamshell containers, production will go even more quickly!

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