We provide a number of custom and stock packaging clamshells, as well as plastic trays, to professionals working at every level of the food industry.

Food packaging can be complicated, but clamshells and plastic trays can generally meet all the requirements you might have when it comes to finding acceptable packaging. By utilizing different types of packaging plastic, we can accommodate any requests you have, such as plastic trays for frozen dinners and thermoformed packaging clamshells perfectly fitted to your food products. And, whether you operate a farm or a high-end restaurant, you, your employees, and your customers will appreciate the simplicity and versatility of Plastic Ingenuity’s packaging for food.

Stock and Customized Pckaging Clamshells and Plastic Trays

We manufacture stock packaging clamshells that are quite popular across the restaurant industry, but we also offer customization services on all of our packaging techniques. Whether you want a portioned plastic tray or a specialized clamshell package, our design specialists will be more than happy to accommodate any request you might have. In addition, you should know that we offer different plastic packaging options. Your design specialist will consult with you regarding any requests you have, such as biodegradable plastic, and make recommendations based on your company, your product, and the different qualities of the plastics we provide.

Our Plastic Clamshells and Trays

Due to the expansive nature of our facilities, we are able to create a number of different packaging designs for the food industry. These include:

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