When a plastic manufacturer can do it all, they have a distinct advantage for their clients. Vertical integration, or the ability to handle every step of the manufacturing process from start to finish, gives you and the manufacturer you work with the power to design and produce your packaging faster and easier.

Comprehensive In-House Services

Managing every aspect of the packaging design and manufacturing process enables a plastic manufacturer to work more efficiently, delivering you the results you need faster. For example, design and prototyping teams can work together to determine what type of packaging works best for your product, and can communicate with the extrusion and manufacturing teams to determine production times and capabilities. This ultimately reduces your lead times and makes it easier to get from concept to finished product.

Easier Answers and Solutions

When your plastic manufacturer controls every facet of design and manufacturing, you always know where to turn whenever you have questions. Whether you are looking for answers regarding the design, the plastic materials being used, the manufacturing process, or more, you can find them all under one roof. This means you get the service you need fast, without wasting time tracking down the right people to ask.

Vertical integration also makes it easier for you to tailor your packaging design later in time, because you know that the different departments of your design and manufacturing company are all able to work together to devise solutions. The same company that designs and builds your custom molds is in charge of extruding, molding, and thermoforming the plastic, so you always know what your options are.

Versatility You Can Count On

Vertically integrated plastic manufacturers often have an advantage when it comes to versatility, because they are better equipped to handle a wide variety of clients and industries. When different aspects of the design and manufacturing process come together and work in tandem, the manufacturer is able to experiment with more innovative ideas and engineer new processes that ultimately benefit its clients.

More Information About the Benefits of Vertical Integration

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