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Plastic packaging comes in all shapes and sizes and the options are virtually endless. When you're looking for a way to package your product (particularly your food product), it can be difficult to make a decision.

One popular packaging method is clamshell packaging. Many companies large and small choose clamshell packaging to meet their needs. What are some of the benefits of clamshell plastic packaging? Why is clamshell packaging the way the go?Advantages-of-Clamshell

  • Protection. Products of all kinds in today's globalized world do a lot of traveling. When your product is transported, you want to make sure it's safe. In the case of food, drugs, or other highly regulated substances, packaging is even more important. Improper packaging can result in contamination, which means a loss of revenue—and can even have legal consequences for your business.Clamshell packaging takes away many of these risks. With secure clamshell plastic packaging, your product is protected from poor storage conditions and improper handling during transport. Clamshell plastic packaging securely seals your product from airborne contaminants, protecting its safety and freshness.


  • Ease of customer use. Plastic packaging has one disadvantage on the customer end: difficulty of use. Certain kinds of plastic packaging are very difficult to open. While this is ideal for transportation and shelving, once the product is in the customer's hands, it could create frustration. Clamshell packaging, by contrast, is easily used by customers. Clamshell containers are more easily opened and can be resealed. When a customer is making a decision in a store, this usage consideration is a big part of it.


  • Versatility. Plastic packaging is widely used partially because of its versatility. Whatever the shape or size of your product, clamshell packaging can be customized to properly accommodate and protect it. This customized packaging not only defends your products from the elements, but makes it appear clean and new on the shelf, adding to its customer appeal.

Plastic Ingenuity offers a variety of options in clamshell packaging. Our experienced designers can create the best clamshell package for your product. With our advanced thermoforming process, your clamshell package will be uniquely suited to brave transportation and handling, arriving on the shelf pristine and ready to be sold.

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