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Our Industries

Cross-Industry Experience, Individualized Expertise

While we serve Food, Healthcare, and Consumer Goods industries, our engineers are hired and trained to have in-depth knowledge in their particular areas of focus. It’s the best of both worlds: we provide expertise specific to your business while leveraging the resources and tools we’ve gathered from our work across verticals.

Custom Thermoforming Process
Custom thermoformed clamshell food packaging

Standout Packages, Unbelievably Fast

Food Packaging

As a brand owner, it’s imperative that your products stand out on the shelf. We keep our eye on evolving industry trends and use our in-house capabilities to design and deliver your unique package to shelves faster than your competitors.

Custom thermoformed medical device packaging

Innovation Meets Compliance

Healthcare Solutions

With a deep understanding of healthcare packaging requirements, our team helps you craft a thermoforming solution that simplifies manufacturing processes, enables new therapies, and empowers both clinicians and patients.

Custom thermoformed consumer goods packaging for Wahl groomsman

A Better Customer Experience

Consumer Goods Packages

Accessibility is just as important as security when it comes to consumer goods packaging. We keep user experience top of mind to create custom packages that are easy-to-open while also preventing tampering and theft.