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Capabilities & Services

Discover Our Unique Strengths

Being the best custom thermoformer means having strong capabilities that are matched to the markets we serve. Our in-house structure, coupled with our deep industry expertise and wide geographic footprint, allows us to be the one-stop-shop for all your thermoforming needs.

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Vertically Integrated for your Benefit

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    We Build Our Own Tools

    Building our own tools let us compress lead times and get your products to market faster.

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    We Extrude Our Own Materials

    Extruding our own materials gives us a cost advantage, allowing us to pass our savings on to you.

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    We Build Our Own Machines

    Building our own machines gives us total process control, allowing for continuous improvement on your parts.

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Healthcare Capabilities

From single cavity pilot tools for early-stage development to complex matched metal tooling for high volume, precision manufacturing, our unique capabilities in the healthcare market meet you wherever you are in the product development journey.

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    Value Chain Partnerships

    From materials and equipment to testing, sterilization, and beyond, we partner with market leading experts to ensure your success.

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    Process Development

    From First Article to validated process, our Quality Engineering team partners with you to establish confidence in a repeatable process.

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    ISO 14644-1 Certified Clean Rooms

    We keep compliance and safety top of mind, ensuring the tools and processes we use meet or exceed industry standards.

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Other Capabilities & Services

Your success is our success. We take full ownership of your projects and you will never be without our guidance and support.

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    Rapid Prototyping

    You get a dedicated group of designers and prototypers who work with you directly to understand your goals and bring your ideas to life quickly.

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    Automation Consulting

    At no extra charge to you, we offer automation consulting to help you make the most of your investment in packaging equipment.

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    Strategic, Global Reach

    With seven strategic manufacturing locations and a global reach, we’re able to be closer to our clients and collaborate with you on-site as needed.

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Our team is passionate about sustainability and recognizes the importance of creating and contributing to a circular economy. We have a deep dedication to helping our clients understand how plastics play a part in these efforts. Whether you have a brand new initiative or a long-term commitment to recyclables, we offer circularity consulting to help guide you through the process.