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The Advantages of Clamshell Packaging

January 13, 2015|BY: Rob Helmke

Custom thermoformed clamshell food packaging
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A clamshell package, as the name implies, is comprised of two joined pieces of packaging material, which completely surround the item or product. Such packaging is typically made of thermoformed plastic, and the edges can be sealed if airtight protection is needed. These packages can also be transparent, allowing people to easily view the item inside. Extremely versatile, clamshell solutions can even be reused if unsealed, reducing the environmental footprint. Various methods, like self-locking and friction fitting, may also be employed depending on the specific requirements at hand.

Given that such packaging can be molded to fit almost any object, clamshell packaging has a wide array of applications. In fact, the thermoformed packaging sector — which includes clamshell packaging — is a $30-billion industry, and is expected to grow at 4% annually for the next decade.

What are some of the benefits of clamshell plastic packaging?

  • Protection. Products of all kinds in today’s globalized world do a lot of traveling. When your product is transported, you want to make sure it’s safe. In the case of food, drugs, or other highly regulated substances, packaging is even more important. Improper packaging can result in contamination, which means a loss of revenue—and can even have legal consequences for your business.Clamshell packaging takes away many of these risks. With secure clamshell plastic packaging, your product is protected from poor storage conditions and improper handling during transport. Clamshell plastic packaging securely seals your product from airborne contaminants, protecting its safety and freshness.
  • Eye-Catching. Clamshell packaging has an uncomplicated one-piece design that makes it a fuss-free way to get complete enclosure on your products for enhanced protection. Even though clamshell packaging is simplistic by nature, businesses have many options to enhance its aesthetics. Similar to blister packs, companies can insert graphics cards into their retail clamshell packaging designs for added shelf appeal with consumers. Companies can customize their food packaging, as well, by printing the logo or other designs onto the plastic, or manufacturers can dye the plastic itself a particular color. Companies want a way to have their products stand off the shelves and attract the eyes of consumers—clamshell packaging does just that.
  • Transparent Packaging. Along with an eye-catching design, consumers also want to be assured the products they are purchasing are in the promised condition, without flaws or defects. Many companies often opt for clamshell packaging because of its high-clarity visibility, giving customers that peace of mind they need. When consumers purchase products, be it food or retail, in clamshell packaging, they aren’t left wondering what the product inside looks like. Instead, they can examine the package up close to see if it fully fits their needs. Packaging designers can even create strategic cutouts to display particular parts of the product for additional visibility.
  • Enhanced Security. Even though clamshell packaging is transparent, it is also highly protective. Many companies use clamshell packaging to secure high-end items, including cell phones and cell phone cases. While clamshell packages may also come with another seal, companies still commonly use it in retail settings because it can protect products from outside tampering. These packages are also durable enough to prevent damage and temperature changes during shipping and handling of products. Clamshell provides the same protections for food products, instilling a sense of trust in consumers by letting them know their food is safe to eat.
  • Ease of customer use. Plastic packaging has one disadvantage on the customer end: difficulty of use. Certain kinds of plastic packaging are very difficult to open. While this is ideal for transportation and shelving, once the product is in the customer’s hands, it could create frustration. Clamshell packaging, by contrast, is easily used by customers. Clamshell containers are more easily opened and can be resealed. When a customer is making a decision in a store, this usage consideration is a big part of it.
  • Versatility. Plastic packaging is widely used partially because of its versatility. Whatever the shape or size of your product, clamshell packaging can be customized to properly accommodate and protect it. This customized packaging not only defends your products from the elements, but makes it appear clean and new on the shelf, adding to its customer appeal.

Plastic Ingenuity offers a variety of options in clamshell packaging. Our experienced designers can create the best clamshell package for your product. With our advanced thermoforming process, your clamshell package will be uniquely suited to brave transportation and handling, arriving on the shelf pristine and ready to be sold.