Consumer Trends for Packaging Part 2

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In the first part of our consumer trends packaging analysis, we provided you with an in-depth look at four considerations for plastic manufacturers. Now, we’re analyzing the top four consumer trends in plastic packaging.

Analyze consumer trends to provide their needs.

On-the-go lifestyles

People don’t have time to wait around anymore. Consumers spend long hours in the office (and some even work multiple jobs), have other obligations, too. To match their busy lifestyles, they’re seeking foods that have already been prepared and ones that are easy to eat.

This busy attitude transcends beyond food, too. Consumers want simple packaging that doesn’t take time for them to think, in terms of both structure and design. Simple packaging may only save consumers a few minutes or even seconds from their days, but that’s what they need.

Brand Enhancement / Differentiation

In today’s diverse marketplace, companies have to stand out now more than ever. Companies need to create a brand for themselves with their plastic packaging. This could come with a new structural design or graphic. Whatever companies choose for the packaging, they need to remain recognizable and relevant in the eyes of consumers.


When consumers purchase a product, they want something that makes their life easier.

Coinciding with directly the on-the-go lifestyle, consumers are concerned about convenience. They’re seeking those smaller packages that are easy to open and reseal if necessary, like clamshell packaging. Consider how your packaging can give your consumers one less thing to worry about, and they will then be more likely to purchase your product.

Health awareness

More than anything, consumers today are health conscious. This demographic can be a health enthusiast or just someone looking to get started with a healthy eating and fitness routine.

While consumers may have the aforementioned hectic lifestyle, they are still concerned about eating healthy foods. For example, consumers may be more likely to pick up fruits and vegetables packed in a clamshell container opposed to a vending machine item.

Packaging manufacturers have many options for preparing their packaging for the health-conscious crowd. This primarily can come from a product’s design in two ways: the actual shape of the packaging, as well as the graphics presented on it. For example, consumers may want a water bottle with a streamlined shape that’s perfect for holding during a workout, and if the bottle has a clean, health-inspiring graphic, it may make the bottle that much more compelling to purchase. By catering to consumers’ consciences and their flair for anything eye catching, you’ll be able to create the perfect plastic packaging for your products.

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