Consumer Trends Part Three: Convenience is King

Posted by Rob Helmke | Tuesday, June 25, 2013 0 Comments

Consumers today lead busy lives driven by mobility and multitasking, and more and more, they favor product packaging that complements this lifestyle. It's something that we see a lot of here at PI: Consumers look for products that are simple and convenient in multi-use packaging.

In this latest look at the biggest consumer trends today, we're focusing on the ways that packaging companies can develop plastic product packaging that appeals to the convenience-minded consumer. By focusing on convenience in innovative ways, a packaging company like PI can create simple, sustainable solutions for a consumer who is always on the move.

Convenient PackagingEasy-to-Use Product Packaging

Product packaging today has to be easy to use, and this frequently means that it must be multi-use. For example, food packaging must be highly versatile, even when made of plastic. This means that frozen dinners packaged in plastic trays must be microwave-safe or even oven-safe without melting or transmitting chemicals. Other plastic packaging must be able to be frozen without cracking and breaking.

Another increasingly common focus from packaging companies is pre-portioned packaging. This makes a product highly transportable, as well as quick and easy to prepare.

Focus on Sustainability

When product packaging is designed for convenience, especially in the case of pre-portioned products, packaging companies must focus also on sustainability. Many of the plastics we use here at PI, for example, are highly recyclable, allowing us to responsibly manufacture packaging for portions. Furthermore, when the product's messaging encourages consumers to recycle their product packaging after use, it stands to significantly decrease the environmental impact of the material.

Ultimately, both the product manufacturer and the packaging company play a part in making the product appeal to a convenience-minded consumer. By making it easy to use, conducive to travel and sustainable for the environment, we can ensure that consumers get exactly what they're looking for while developing sustainable, cost-effective solutions.


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