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Healthy Food Portions For Custom Plastic Food Containers

February 11, 2014|BY: Rob Helmke

Thermoformed thin gauge plastic package with sections
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It’s a known fact that portion control can lead directly to weight loss results, but how can packaging play a role in this? With prepackaged, healthy portions of food.

As people attempt to stick to their New Year’s resolutions to stay healthy and perhaps even lose weight, portion control is more important than ever. At Plastic Ingenuity, we know it’s important to businesses considering plastic food packaging to offer not only a healthy product, but a healthy product in the amount that consumers want.

Portioned meals for increased sales

Consumers increasingly expect to find foods with custom plastic food containers in sizes that contain healthy portions, particularly as they turn to companies providing prepackaged foods in healthy portions as a way to stay on track with their diets. People, especially those with busy lives and careers, don’t want to be bothered with having to portion out food for themselves—they would much rather have custom plastic food containers with an acceptable allocation of food, so they can be health-conscious without having to think about it.

For some products, portion controlled packaging could lead to an increase of consumption. For example, some people may be looking for prepackaged salads. If they find a company that offers just the right portion of salad that they’re looking for, they’re going to come back to buy the product again. When consumption increases, so do sales—and we know that is key for your company’s success.

How to use the portions trend for your company

For your plastic food packaging, determine what sizes of what foods people want. For salads or vegetables, for example, people may want a larger serving for their meal—consumer research can help you find out specifically. You may also try offering sweets or other less-healthy foods in convenient, smaller serving sizes. For this, think of packaging a few candies or cookies in a small plastic cup or container. You could even take your portion packaging to the next level by offering a portioned healthy meal, complete with an entrée, vegetables and a treat.

At PI, we think providing portioned nutritious food is a great consideration for plastic food packaging. What do you think of the idea of healthy foods portioned in custom plastic food containers? Let us on Facebook or Twitter.