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How Polyethylene Packaging Can Benefit You

January 20, 2015|BY: Rob Helmke

Custom PET thermoformed thin gauge rigid food packaging
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There are a variety of packaging options on the market. When looking for the best packaging for your product, it can seem overwhelming to try to pick one. Even within the category of plastic packaging, there are a lot of different kinds. One of the most often used is polyethylene packaging; but why is polyethylene packaging a good choice for your product?

Polyethylene is a kind of plastic derived from petroleum polymers. It’s one of the most durable types of plastic in existence today. It’s also inexpensive and highly chemically resistant. This means it can survive a variety of environmental hazards. Because of these characteristics, polyethylene packaging is widely considered superior to other packaging materials. This is what makes it so widely used.

Packaging That Protects

Polyethylene packaging doesn’t allow water vapor to pass through, meaning it can seal easily contaminated products away from dangerous elements. Many kinds of polyethylene packaging can be heat sealed, meaning the material can be wrapped tightly around the product and secured with an airtight seal. Many companies use polyethylene for electronic components because it protects them from both moisture and tampering.

Adaptable Polyethylene Packaging for Any Industry

The versatility of polyethylene packaging creates a variety of advertising opportunities, regardless of the nature of your product. Different thicknesses and clarities of polyethylene can be customized for particular products. Designer colors are also available.

Plastic Ingenuity’s polyethylene plastic packaging is also incredibly customizable. We know how to craft this versatile material to best suit your product, advertising and protecting it to its fullest needs. We have worked in many industries to create polyethylene packaging for products companies thought were too challenging to properly package. Our innovative polyethylene experts have risen to the challenge every time. From retail to medical to food products, our design specialists know how to create the polyethylene packaging for you.

Want to learn more about what Plastic Ingenuity’s polyethylene can do for your product? Contact us today to be put in touch with an expert. The perfect packaging for your product is waiting.