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Packaging Solutions for Retail Stocking

October 16, 2012|BY: Rob Helmke

Custom thermoformed consumer goods packaging
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For companies competing in industries such as cell phones and wireless devices, an appealing yet functional packaging design is imperative to their marketing plan.  Although customers may not put much thought into the packaging design, the packaging company and their clients certainly do and understand the statistics behind what works and what doesn’t. The best packaging companies also perform research on how retailers establish their product placement and how the packaging will actually be displayed on-site. Understanding all of these elements is truly a science and careful considerations must be taken from the prototype phase to production.

Getting Started

When a company is ready to release a new cell phone or wireless device, they want it on the shelves as soon as possible. But rushing a packaging design just to have it on the shelf is not the most advantageous approach to a long term sales goal. There are packaging companies out there with incredibly fast turn-around times who can deliver top quality packaging solutions. In fact, the fastest packaging company can take a packaging design concept and turn it into a working prototype in as little as one week.

Once a design is agreed upon, full production can begin and the packaged product can be on the shelf within a month. And depending on the destination, the packaging design will be tailored to fit a peg hook or stand on a shelf. Restocking processes are also considered, so when the product does finally hit the shelf, it will certainly attract the eye of a potential customer.


An everyday gripe about cell phone and wireless device packaging is how difficult they are to open. The need for security and protection during delivery is one thing, but to make it nearly impossible to open without the use of a knife or hand tool adds stress to what should be a joyous moment. Easy to open packaging solutions allows a customer to not only open the package with their hands but limit damage to the package as well. Reusing the packaging is a great way to keep it safe during vacations and travel.

In order to compete in any industry you must have your finger on the pulse, and monitoring the newest trends in packaging solutions is essential to keeping your product flying off the shelf.