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Pepsi’s Scented Bottle Cap Strategy

October 15, 2013|BY: Rob Helmke

Pepsi Bottle Cap
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Earlier this year, Pepsi announced that its soda bottles would be changing their shape for the first time in 16 years. It looks like the changes won’t be stopping there, though, as a recently reported patent could be introducing a new sensory experience to their plastic packaging. So what’s Pepsi’s plan, and what does it mean for the future of plastic packaging design?

The Olfactory Focus

Pepsi’s latest packaging design isn’t meant to appeal only to the eyes, but to the nose, as well. Recent reports in Plastics News and Packaging News show that the company has filed a patent for what they call an “aroma delivery system,” which could be incorporated into their plastic bottle packaging.

This curious system essentially consists of small capsules filled with aromatic vapors, which would be released into the air when the bottle is fist opened. Not all packaging companies and consumer trend analysts may immediately see the appeal to this sort of idea—after all, who ever really wished that their soda bottle gave off a puff of aroma when it was opened? The true spirit of this sort of thing isn’t necessarily the idea itself, though, and it’s something that we see in packaging design all the time.

More Than an Aroma

If Pepsi sees this idea through, it won’t necessarily be a victory for perfume enthusiasts—but it will demonstrate a powerful packaging design philosophy.

At PI, we know the importance of making plastic packaging designs fresh and interesting. There’s a reason that Pepsi is changing its bottle design for the first time since the Clinton administration—they know that to keep the brand relevant, they have to keep things interesting.

Is integrating a scent capsule into plastic bottles necessary? Of course not. But will it get people talking about Pepsi, buying Pepsi and analyzing Pepsi in the news? Absolutely—hey, the story you’re reading right now is proof of that. The aromatic bottles may not be the most practical idea, but it’s innovative, it’s novel, and it could be a shot in the arm for the Pepsi brand at a time when they’re clearly interested in changing up their image. We’ll drink to that.