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Plastic Food Packaging Options

July 25, 2012|BY: Rob Helmke

Custom Plastic Food Packaging
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When considering packaging for food, there are several important issues to contemplate. Not only is it essential to find packaging materials that are safe for food use, but it is also imperative to consider what the packaging will look like to the consumer. Packaging that is appealing and easy to open makes the food more attractive to, and more likely to be purchased by, consumers. Luckily, there are a variety of food packaging options available to customers with all of the vital characteristics essential for proper food packaging.

Packaging Methods Available

In the market today, various packaging techniques are offered depending upon the food market. For example, food sold at a grocery store that is in the “grab and go” section of the deli department requires a packaging option that is not only stackable, but tamper evident. This choice is available in a variety of options, such as in a stackable packaging form, as well is in the more common one-part and two-part dish designs. Another important characteristic for food containers is for the packaging to be leak-proof, which is a feature found in most of these packaging methods.

Materials For Food Safety

Another crucial trait for food packaging is that the materials used are safe to hold the food for extended periods of time, as well as how the food is packaged in the packaging facility itself. Materials that are suitable for containing foods are PET, polypropylene, PLA and other bio-resins, because they are safe for containing food, eco-friendly and recyclable.

Food safety is an important matter with food packaging, so by using the correct facilities and food packaging methods, consumers can easily find and enjoy their favorite foods without concern for contamination. With facilities that boast the Safe Quality Food Level Three Certification, food packaging produced at the Plastic Ingenuity facilities are handled with the level of safety and care commensurate with this exacting SQF Level Three standard. Plastic Ingenuity ensures that its food packaging methods meet and exceed the expectations of their clients.