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Plastic Ingenuity receives SQF certification

December 7, 2011|BY: Rob Helmke

Clean Room and SQF Room at Plastic Ingenuity
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Cross Plains, WI: Plastic Ingenuity’s Cross Plans, WI and Mazomanie, WI facilities have recently received  SQF, level 3 certification. The SQF (Safe Quality Food) program is a leading, global food safety and quality certification and management system, designed to meet the needs of buyers and suppliers. The program provides independent certification that a supplier’s food safety and quality management systems comply with international and domestic food safety regulations. This enables suppliers to assure customers that food has been produced, processed, prepared, and finally,  handled according to the highest possible standards, at all levels of the supply chain.

There are three separate levels of certification for Safe Quality Food programs; Levels one, two or three. Plastic Ingenuity received the highest level of certification, level three. This certification comes with many supplemental benefits. It provides buyers and suppliers with the confidence and reassurance that audits are performed in a standard, efficient manner.  Here are a few additional advantages of SQF certification according to the Safe Quality Food Institute:

Benefits for buyers


  • In the way audits are conducted
  • In the audit outcome
  • Comparing results

Access to details of SQF certified suppliers

  • List of all SQF suppliers
  • Password protected access to SQF supplier certification status
  • Audit summary report and detailed audit report


  • Audits conducted to establish format
  • Registered auditors
  • Audit and certification processes

In addition, requiring SQF certification from suppliers helps protect your brand by ensuring your suppliers are focusing on hazard analysis, risk assessment and proactive prevention strategies. This, in turn, increases consumer confidence and loyalty.

Benefits for Suppliers

Competitive advantages

  • Recognized worldwide
  • Promotes confidence in food safety, quality, and legality
  • Enhanced marketing image

Cost advantages

  • Provides a platform for consistent improvement in process quality and safety, allowing processors valuable time and resources historically lost to multiple and conflicting audit standards
  • Improves process management by helping to proactively identify and manage risk so as to avoid stock recoveries, market withdrawals, and rework
  • Increases yield by reducing material waste
  • Streamlines risk and process management

Safety and quality advantages

  • Addresses food safety requirements
  • Provides proof of due diligence
  • Encourages safe and responsible manufacturing processes
  • Complies with regulatory requirements

Plastic Ingenuity is pleased to have received this certification and will continue to work together with its customers to ensure product safety and quality.

Plastic Ingenuity has been a national leader in the light gauge custom thermoforming industry since 1972, and continues to lead the industry with its unparalleled innovation and R&D.  For more information contact Plastic Ingenuity at 608-798-3071, or visit