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Three Considerations for Custom Packaging

April 16, 2012|BY: Rob Helmke

Custom thermoformed thin gauge rigid medical device packaging with safe edge
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An innovative product should be matched with innovative packaging. Whether you’re looking to protect, ship or market your product (or all three), you’ll want to be sure that the container complements the creation. Here are three things to consider when contemplating custom packaging for your product.
Custom Packaging
1. Showcase your product.

No matter what your product is, your packaging should present it to the customer in such a way that the product’s benefits are highlighted. Its purpose should be easily identifiable, so the packaging shouldn’t obscure the entirety of the item unless there are clear explanatory graphics. Ideally, the customer should be able to see the item he or she is interested in purchasing. Graphic elements in the packaging can be used to draw attention to the product and create a memorable positive impression.

2. Protect your product.

Keeping your product in pristine condition until the customer is ready to use it is an important factor in customer satisfaction and, therefore, in increased sales as well. The packaging should be strong without also being too heavy. Because of this, many manufacturers turn to thermoformed plastics, which are strong and can be formed into custom shapes.

3. Ship your product.

An important factor that is often overlooked is the practicality of shipping the product. Not only does the packaging need to be eye-catching and strong, but it should also stack well. Fitting as my packages into a shipping container as possible will ultimately reduce shipping costs and increase profits.

Along with these three main considerations, there are other things to think about when packaging your product. For instance, you want the container to be easily opened. There is nothing more frustrating for a customer as when the packaging won’t release its contents. Also, there are environmental concerns regarding minimizing atmospheric pollutants. Fortunately, a company which provides custom packaging services, like Plastic Ingenuity, can walk you through all of these considerations and more.