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Why Customers Love Clamshell Packaging for Food

February 24, 2015|BY: Rob Helmke

Custom clamshell packaging
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When shoppers stroll through grocery stores, the amount of packaging on the shelves is stunning. Customers have an endless array of choices to make when doing their food shopping, so it stands to reason that, in the case of similar products, they may often choose the product with the best packaging. In many cases, they look to products packaged in clamshell plastics, as opposed to things like non resealable bags or boxes. If you’re considering different forms of packaging for your product, read on to find out why clamshell packaging can be more beneficial to your business than other types of packaging.

Keeping Products Fresher

In the case of things like produce and bakery goods, clamshell packaging helps keep products fresher. When considering fruits and vegetables, if they are allowed to mingle in the same air as the rest of the produce in that section of the store, they may spoil faster due to the gasses emitted by the other fruits and vegetables. Likewise, if a product like muffins are packaged in a bag, not only can they get smashed and damaged, but a twist-tie bag can’t keep them at an optimal level of freshness since air can get into the bag, or the bag can tear. No matter which way you look at it, it’s not an ideal way to store baked goods. Clamshell packaging, however, keeps products protected from spoilage as well as damage.

Transparency Lets Customers Really See the Product

In addition to keeping products fresher, plastic clamshell packaging allows consumers to see what they’re really getting. They’ll be able to tell if strawberries are bright and ripe, or dull and starting to mold. Clear plastic packaging allows people to really know what they’re buying, and if your goal is to sell more of your product, making it readily available and easily visible to potential customers is the best way to do it.

Resealable and Convenient for Family-Size Purchases

When shoppers need to get their grocery shopping done for a week or more at a time—especially for larger families—they often turn to larger-sized or bulk containers of certain foods. Clamshell packaging allows for increased versatility as this type of plastic packaging easily reseals and lends itself for space-saving storage in a way that other packaging, like plastic produce bags, doesn’t. Not only is this convenient, but consumers prefer clamshell packaging for larger-scale products because it keeps food at its best quality for longer than other types of packaging.

If you’re considering a few different types of packaging for your product, consider choosing plastic clamshells. Your customers will thank you! Contact Plastic Ingenuity today for more information on how clamshell packaging can benefit your products line.