Clamshell packaging may not be perfect for every product, but its distinct advantages make it an increasingly popular choice for everything from produce and pre-moistened wipes to electronics and hardware. When you know what all of these advantages are, you may find that clamshell packaging is exactly the solution you’ve been looking for.

Clamshell Containers Give You a Clear Window

One reason that clamshell containers are so popular is that they create the perfect showcase for your product. With their solid, one-piece construction, you have the option of making your product visible from all angles—not to mention that clamshell packaging is usually made using crystal-clear PVC. This allows you to maximize shelf appeal.

That visibility doesn’t come at the cost of security, though. Clamshell containers are generally designed with a closing mechanism, like snap pins. Thermoforming plastic mechanisms like these can be a cost-saving procedure, but for high-security applications—like cell phones or memory cards—clamshell packaging can also be closed with a secondary seal. This allows the package to be accessibly displayed in the store while minimizing the risk of tampering or theft.

Clamshell Packaging Saves Space—and More

Another distinct advantage of clamshell packaging is its ability to form a tight fit around your product, leaving very little wasted space inside the container. This economical use of space means that the final package is no bulkier than necessary, making it easier to hang and display in a retail environment.

In addition to saving space, clamshell containers can also save money during thermoforming. The single-piece construction of this type of package allows a thermoformer to make it using a single tool, saving money and simplifying the production and purchasing processes.

Choosing the Clamshell

If you’re considering using clamshell packaging for your product, you’re in good company—it’s one of the most popular styles of clear packaging available. You’ll need to talk to your supplier about designs and capabilities first, particularly if you think that your product requires the extra security of a secondary seal. Either way, don’t be fooled by this design’s apparent simplicity—clamshells are more versatile than they look.