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Wahl Transforms Their Packaging from PVC to PET

Wahl Clipper Products
Wahl Clipper Products

The Challenge

Transform Packaging from PVC to PET

Wahl, a producer of professional and home grooming products, was seeking alternatives to PVC (polyvinyl chloride). The goal for Wahl was to move their packaging material from PVC, a problematic plastic, to PET plastic (polyethylene terephthalate). PVC is a challenging material because it acts as a contaminate in the PET recycling system. The elimination of PVC is a common goal of influential retailers and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

Wahl Clipper Products

The Process

Plastic Ingenuity Makes the Switch

Plastic Ingenuity, a long-term valued partner of Wahl Clipper Corporation, worked with Wahl’s packaging engineers to identify potential PVC alternatives. PI engineers evaluated the performance requirements of each tray and suitability for material replacement. PI searched through a portfolio of materials and suggested feasible options for each Wahl application. PET was chosen as the primary replacement option for Wahl given its acceptance in the recycling system and compatible physical properties. In order to qualify the PET structures, PI ran samples of each tray and sent them to Wahl for testing.

Wahl Clipper

The Solution

Improving Sustainability and Circularity

It was determined that the packages could be switched from PVC to PET, therefore improving sustainability and circularity. Comparing the legacy product to the new PET version, the PET products are now more recyclable, as durable, and meet NGO and key retailer goals.

The Results

A Resounding Success


pounds transformed from PVC to PET annually

parts transitioned to PET


samples produced