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2024 Thermoform Circularity Report

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2024 Thermoform Circularity Report

The third edition of Plastic Ingenuity’s Thermoform Circularity Report represents a thorough, year-long investigation into the shift towards a circular economy for thermoforms. This edition meticulously gathers insights obtained through extensive engagements with stakeholders with diverse sustainability and packaging expertise. The information is drawn from interviews with professionals in consumer-packaged goods (CPGs), retail, and healthcare sectors, providing a well-rounded perspective.

In this edition, readers will be presented with an array of relevant topics, including:

  • Detailed analyses of legislative viewpoints and the primary catalysts for change.
  • Innovative circular solutions tailored explicitly for thermoforms.
  • Insightful consumer perspectives on sustainable packaging.
  • A comprehensive glossary facilitating enriched discussions on sustainability.
  • In-depth case studies that highlight practical applications of sustainability.
  • The evolving landscape of healthcare plastics recycling.
  • The significance and impact of industry collaborations.
  • Demystifying common misconceptions about plastics.
  • A thorough study on the engagement of stakeholders in sustainable packaging.
  • An overview of the recycling landscapes for PET & PP, underlining their environmental implications.