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Do you manufacture plastic products besides packaging?

We provide packaging from molded fiber and bio-materials along with more common materials like PET and PP.

Do you use plastic sheets?

We use rolls of plastic in our process. We have our own extrusion capabilities which allow us to create specific types, colors, and blends of plastic for our custom thermoforming process.

Do you do frozen food packaging?

We do not have a stock line of frozen food packaging, but have developed food packaging for frozen applications.

Do you have a stock line for air-tight sealing?

We do have a stock line of deli packaging that can be sealed with film, which provides a leak-proof, air-tight seal.

How can I get a quote?

You can get a quote by requesting one on our web site, or calling 608.798.3071.

What is the minimum quantity order you will do?

This varies from project to project, but since we provide custom packaging, we must design and build a unique mold before creating the package. With this additional step, to provide a cost-effective solution, a reasonable minimum quantity would be 10,000 parts.

Do you produce sheet stock?

We produce roll stock in-house and utilize this material in our thermoforming process.

Do you have any job openings?

All open positions can be found here: jobs.plasticingenuity.com

Do you have a list of your products or stock catalog?

Yes, we do. The catalog can be downloaded on this page.

What is the minimum price for custom orders?

With so many factors that need to be addressed regarding the specific cost of a custom package, a better gauge of feasibility would be minimum quantities, which typically fall in the 10,000 parts per year range.

Do you buy plastic or plastic rolls from other manufacturers?

We extrude approximately 75 percent of our own plastic for our process, and purchase the rest, with the bulk of this PVC material.

Do you offer short-run test packaging?

This is not something we usually provide. We will perform short runs in some extenuating circumstances, but this is typically reserved for current customers.

What is your turnaround time for a new project?

Our turnaround time varies based on the complexity of a project, but a general timeline would be a design in a week, prototype samples in two weeks, molds and tooling created in four weeks, with production parts available in six-to-eight weeks.