Food is delicate, temperature-sensitive, perishable, and delicious—so much so that finding a packaging solution can be difficult. Introducing our innovative plastic food packaging for every stage of production.

Food is an incredibly diverse industry. Its products range from the virtually indestructible to the infinitely crushable. It includes products that must remain frozen and products that are fine to store at temperatures over one hundred degrees Fahrenheit. This diversity can make plastic food packaging a challenge, not just because protecting delicate products is difficult, but because it involves providing packaging solutions where one-size-fits-all simply isn’t an option, and where plastic becomes a packaging solution for a number of food requirements.

Packaging Solutions for Freshness

It’s difficult to keep produce fresh—more so when your only option is a plastic bag and an intermittent spray of water. There are a number of packaging solutions to this, but none more effective than a clamshell container. It seals in moisture and protects its contents against human error.

Packaging Solutions for Utility

Compartmentalized plastic food packaging allows for on-the-go eating, making it a favorite among parents (and anyone who’s under a time crunch). From single-serve cereal boxes to frozen dinners, compartmentalized plastic food packaging is convenient for manufacturers and customers alike.

Packaging Solutions for Branding

Plastic preserves logos in a way that paper simply cannot. It won’t fade, won’t be damaged by water, and can stand long hours of light exposure (not that it should—please remind your consumers to recycle). At Plastic Ingenuity, we can even emboss the plastic itself with your logo, making it the perfect branding solution.

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