Our plastic packaging company provides innovative, durable packaging for products across the whole spectrum of industry.

Since 1972, Plastic Ingenuity has provided custom packaging for products in every industry. From clamshell containers for strawberries to sterile medical packaging produced in clean rooms, we have the equipment and passion necessary as a plastic packaging company to make our product packaging as durable, innovative, and affordable as possible.

Find out what sets our plastic packaging company apart!

While other plastic packaging companies separate their operations and outsource certain aspects to partner companies, Plastic Ingenuity handles every aspect of packaging production. You’ll consult directly with one of our design specialists to create prototypes encompassing everything you, and your client base, need out of our packaging for products.

We make all packaging for products in our own facilities.

Once you approve the design prototype, we can begin production immediately! We extrude several different types of packaging plastic in our own facilities, which are located across the U.S. and in Mexico. This makes the manufacturing process go much more quickly. From your end, instead of waiting for one plastic packaging company to design your packaging, another company to extrude the plastic sheets, and yet another company to thermoform your packaging for products, you can approve your prototype within a week and expect your order to begin production shortly thereafter. The faster your packaging for products is completed, the sooner you can get your products out on the market.

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To learn more about our vertically-integrated, all-inclusive company and our diverse product packaging options, call us at 608-798-3071.