Plastic trays are a highly versatile form of plastic packaging, and as such, they are frequently used for both retail and non-retail products. Like blisters, they are an open-cavity design, but plastic trays do not have the hinges that blisters use to adhere to backing

How Plastic Trays Differ

Plastic trays can be molded to tightly grip products, allowing for secure shipping and vertical storage of fragile items, like syringes and other pharmaceutical products. Alternatively, the cavities in a plastic tray can be molded without tight grips, allowing products like sockets to stay organized without being difficult to remove.

medical packaging plastic tray
Unlike other types of plastic packaging, trays can be manufactured from a wide variety of materials. This means that they can be either very durable, like a plastic tray that houses tools, or relatively flimsy, like a tray that separates assorted chocolates in a box. The type of material used depends on the product and the client’s needs.

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