Plastic thermoforming is as much an art as it is a technology. Learn what makes our thermoformer team the go-to talent in the food packaging industry.

The thermoformer team at Plastic Ingenuity understands what it takes to produce quality food packaging, as do the rest of our teams. The design specialists at Plastic Ingenuity take each of your preferences into consideration to design the perfect packaging solution for your company, and they won’t rest until the design meets the highest standards of aesthetics and durability. Once we’ve developed the prototype to our, and your company’s, standards, our thermoformer team begins production immediately. We manage every aspect of production, which means you’ll have your customized packaging in no time!

Whether it’s Vacuum Form or Thermoform, Packaging from PI is as Distinctive as it is Useful.

What distinguishes your company from the competition? Your product, of course, should speak for itself, but that doesn’t mean your branding should stop there. Our thermoformer facilities can help you to customize your packaging at every level. We can add practical features like hinges, perforated safety strips, and clasps, but it doesn’t stop there. Plastic thermoforming is an incredibly flexible process that allows our team to integrate stickers, graphics, cardboard inserts, and other branding aspects, like embossed logos and patent symbols, to really leave your mark on all your products.

We Serve Most Industries, so Learn More Today!

With decades of experience, our team is well-qualified to serve even the most stringent of industries. We produce thermoform packaging for products as disparate as produce and pharmaceuticals. We specialize in the following industries:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical
  • Retail
  • Food
  • Cosmetic

Discover What a Great Plastic Thermoformer can do for Your Company!

No matter what your field, product, or specialty, Plastic Ingenuity can design and deliver a customized packaging design that you and your customers will love. To learn more, call us today at 608-798-3071o our website at to Live Chat with a representative and learn more about our thermoformer capabilities.