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6 End-User Analysis Considerations to Keep in Mind for Your Packaging Design

July 14, 2022|BY: Rob Helmke

6 End-User Analysis Considerations to Keep in Mind for Your Packaging Design
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The best packaging designs need to be well developed from the beginning to the final stages. Plastic Ingenuity follows an extensive process to ensure packaging is protective, durable, and sustainable. Consider the following factors to create a design that performs well.

Proper Material Selection

Temperature levels – The packaging material you select may need to withstand sterilization and/or heat sealing. If you know your products will encounter these environs, proper material selection is imperative.

UV light requirements – To prevent food spoilage and maintain freshness, many companies incorporate UV filters into their packaging materials. As you develop your package, consider any UV exposure your products may encounter.

Gauge—How thick does your material need to be? Consider the setting where your product exists. Food products may need a thicker gauge to prevent tampering and avoid leakage.

Cost Expectations and Budgeting

You will need to find a packaging design that is functional and economical. So, the first question you would consider is which material is most suitable for your package while remaining within budget? Thermoforming companies typically recommend the appropriate material for your specific needs.

Line Speed Efficiencies and Automation Expectations

Is your package optimized for automated or manual filling processes? Does it matter? Yes, specific design requirements must be considered depending on the should be considered depending on the desired solution.

Shipping and Distribution

The next design factor that requires consideration pertains to shipping and distribution methods. You must ensure that your package is durable enough to handle heat, cold, and transportation rigors. These are key questions that factor into the proper design and material selection.

Testing Protocols

Also, it is important to be mindful of any testing protocols. Validation requirements and package specifications play a vital role in avoiding last-minute changes. These considerations should be revisited throughout every step of the process.

Shelf Layout and Optimization

Finally, consider how your product’s packaging integrates with shelf layout and storage. If your packaging design is not optimized, it may not properly fit on the shelf. Partnering with an experienced thermoformer will guide you toward a package that meets the constraints of retail and grocery shelving.

To learn more about the various factors for end-user analysis contact the PI team today.