Plastic Ingenuity Creates Award-Winning Hearing-Aid Dial Battery Pack

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When Rayovac sought to repackage their hearing aid batteries, Plastic Ingenuity was up to the challenge. The previous package – in use since the 1990s – made the removal of the battery difficult for the end customer.

The small tabs that allowed batteries to be removed from the circular dial on the old hearing aid battery packaging were often hard to grip, making it difficult for customers to get the small batteries out of the package. Plastic Ingenuity designed a modern, innovative packaging solution that not only accommodates the new hearing-aid battery design, but offers improved functionality and ease of use for the end customer.

Rayovac's New Hearing-Aid Battery Package

L312ZA-8ZMBPlastic Ingenuity’s new design upgraded many of the original packaging’s outdated features, ultimately creating a more user-friendly solution. Some of these features include: 

  • Plastic Ingenuity's upgraded dial package design enlarged the tab so purchasers could more easily grip it to remove batteries.
  • Rayovac's new hearing aid battery pack also added audible indexing to the new dial to help consumers judge when the dial is being turned.
  • The previous packaging had a small door from which the end customer could pluck out the batteries using their fingers, but the size of the door made battery removal difficult. The new package offers a larger sliding door on the sidewall of the package, and a gusset on either side of the door to provide additional support. These updates make opening the door easier and allow customers to remove a single battery while the other batteries remain securely in place.
  • Plastic Ingenuity’s redesign traded in traditional cardstock for plastic-on-plastic, allowing the user repeated access to the packaging without damaging the tabs. It's a much more practical and sturdy device.
  • Dimples were added to the indexing features of the injection-molded dial, which offers die-cut holes that interact with the plastic base structure. The plastic cap securely adheres to the plastic card stock to allow for easy rotation of the dial.

In addition to improving functionality, Plastic Ingenuity included space in their package redesign to incorporate branding in support of marketing initiatives. Logos are prominently featured on the extra space provided by the larger tab, leaving the end customer to associate the new, easier packaging with the Rayovac brand. This ease of use will be especially appreciated by elderly hearing aid consumers for whom mobility or dexterity may be a concern.

Our packaging solution also offers economic benefits for our client, as the blister pack and its  injection-molded plastic dials can accommodate four battery sizes. This allows our client to use the same packaging solution for multiple products, providing cost savings through less tooling requirements and economies of scale from larger production runs. The filling process has also been fully automated, reducing labor costs – the dial pack is filled on the production line, trimmed on our presses, and run on our thermoforming equipment.

Additionally, this process involves coring the injection-molded dial to reduce material use. This translates into less waste during fabrication. We have also implemented reusable boxes into transport and distribution, lowering our carbon footprint and that of our customer through a significant mitigation of cardboard-related waste.


Plastic Ingenuity received recognition for the hearing aid dial battery package redesign by the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IOPP) when we were honored with a 2018 AmeriStar Award for Health and Beauty Aids. The AmeriStar Awards celebrate those who make outstanding contributions to the packaging industry through innovative designs.

Plastic Ingenuity earned a second award for the design at the WorldStar Packaging Awards. Worldstar recognizes packaging stakeholders who fuse packaging and technology to create a new living standard for international packaging excellence that others may learn from. The larger tabs, easier dial-based battery extraction, and audible indexing feature on the dial in the Rayovac packaging redesign were all recognized as innovative design features by Worldstar.

Working with Plastic Ingenuity

At Plastic Ingenuity, we are honored by the recognition we have received in the form of the AmeriStar Award for Health and Beauty Aids and WorldStar Packaging Award. More importantly, we are proud to serve the needs of the hearing-impared community.

We will continue using the latest advancements in technology to create diverse, innovative, cost-effective packaging solutions that are user-friendly and environmentally conscious. To discover how Plastic Ingenuity can help you develop a creative, affordable, and sustainable packaging solution for your product, please don’t hesitate to contact us. To read more about the solutions we’ve developed, check out our case studies.  

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