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Extending Shelf Life with HPP Packaging

October 14, 2015|BY: Rob Helmke

4 Pack Stack of Hope Hummus
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What Exactly is HPP?

HPP is a specialized cold pasteurization technique wherein sealed food products are exposed to an immensely high hydrostatic pressure (pressure transmitted through water) that kills all traces of bacteria, mold, yeast, or any other common food contaminants. The process can take just a few seconds or last a few minutes, depending on the type of food product.

HPP is environmentally friendly and safe. And unlike thermal and chemical treatment options, all nutritional values and flavors are preserved throughout the process. It is no surprise then that food processors and retailers have been using HPP packaging for over 20 years.

The Benefits of HPP Packaging

HPP packaging is a desirable for a number of reasons, including:4 stack Hope Foods image

  • Versatility
  • Compatibility with both solid and liquid food products
  • It extends product shelf life — by up to four times as long as non-HPP packaged products, which means that food can be shipped over greater distances without spoiling.
  • Safety — no preservatives or high heat environments are required, so food remains healthy and fresh

HPP Packaging Design Best Practices

Over the years we have developed expertise in HPP packaging design. Below are some best practices in form and function that we have found to be crucial for achieving the highest level of performance:


  • Packaging material needs be to evenly distributed and adequately robust to prevent rupturing.
  • Round shapes are preferred over square edges because they are less likely to get dented.
  • The material needs to be thick enough to prevent damage to the packaging and its contents.


  • Packaging should allow for a very limited amount of head space to guarantee the integrity of the package and the quality of the seal.
  • The flange around the seal area must be of an adequate width to provide a good seal.
  • Superior sealing and a strong lid are absolutely critical for high-performance HPP packaging.

Plastic Ingenuity’s team can help your team choose the best material and design for your next packaging project.

Want to Learn More?

Download our free eBook, Avoid Food Spoilage with HPP Packaging. The 8-page guide provides information about how HPP packaging can increase the environmental performance, shelf life, and versatility of your product.